Known for creating beautiful one‐of‐a‐kind handmade items, oneonone is a contemporary brand entirely crafted by hand.

Established in 2013 and based in Athens Greece, oneonone has assembled an amazing team of women whose life is deep rooted in nature, color, light, and traditional skills. Those skills date back centuries and when matched with extreme passion, bring out a modern, natural and unique aspect for each piece.

oneonone employs a network of knitters, weavers and embroiderers coming from different walks of life. Most have been engaged in various professions throughout their lives, but all of them have always enjoyed handicrafts as a hobby. Their passion to master traditional techniques and do magic with their hands has driven them to turn their hobby into a job they enjoy.  Bonding with each other and expressing their creativity as a team also adds to the fun.

Their quest, to travel the learning curve and transform a hobby into a fully professional opportunity inspired oneonone to start a free crafts school.  The school's mission is to assist local people at a novice level, become expert craftsmen and eventually join its production team.

oneonone is currently distributed in the best stores globally and sits comfortably next to designers' first lines. Consumers around the world have embraced the brand thanks to its innovative signature design and unique craftsmanship, but also due to its deep sensitivity regarding social and ethical issues.


oneonone is all about combining passion, social responsibility, creativity, tradition and contemporary design. By re-inventing traditional techniques and using best-quality yarns and fibers, we don't give up until perfection is achieved.